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Nifty Intraday Call

“Nifty Intraday

Buy nifty above 5800

SL 5775 TGT 5870"

In the Above Example

Nifty Intraday Refers - Nifty intraday Call.

Buy Nifty Above 5800 - means you have to buy nifty at 5800 or you can buy up to 2 to 3 points above the recommended 5800 level. You should never buy below 5800.

SL means - STOP LOSS have to put Stop Loss at 5775 Level in market after your bought Nifty @ 5800. You should always put Stop loss (here in this example selling order at 5775 level) order in market immediately after your nifty purchase. You should not keep your SL in your mind in intraday trading. Nifty can make a Flash and go below your Stop loss order in your mind and make a huge loss for that day. Stop loss is your insurance for your Capital, so you should not play with your capital.

TGT 5870 Means – Book profit at Target 5870 level. We give only one Target per trade. You should always put Target level (here in this example selling order at 5870 level) order as recommended by us in the market immediately after your nifty purchase. This way your Profit booking will be easier. – To identify sender of the tips.

In a nutshell follow these simple Rules:

  • You are going to Purchase at the recommended level first.
  • Put Stop Loss order (SL) immediately in the market after Purchase.
  • Put Profit Booking order (TGT) immediately in the market after purchase.
  • If profit target is achieved, cancel the stop loss order.
  • If Stop loss hit, cancel the Profit Target order.

You should not do anything else except the above mentioned Actions.


You should not keep your Stop loss or Profit Target in your Mind in intraday trading.

Please switch off your thinking about the trades probable outcome, like “will it hit stop loss or achieve target”.

If you keep worrying about the trade you will get Fear if the nifty level nears the Stop loss level. You may even close the trade in fear of loss. It may achieve the profit target later, simply turning before Stop loss order just above one point. So you may lose a winning trade for that day and end up in loss.

If you keep worrying about the trade you will get Greed if the nifty level nears the target profit booking level. You may not close the trade to gain more from the trade. After going above our target nifty may come down very rapidly you may not able to book profit in recommended level .you may book profit below the recommended level. So you are booking a partial profit for that day.

If you do these mistakes consistently you cannot get the results what we are getting, just following the simple rules.

Following the Simple rules is very hard in Stock market. End of the day whoever follow the simple rules are in the winning side.

The above said all Facts will apply to BANK NIFTY INTRADAY CALLS also.